Q. How do you tell if the FlashTorch 250W is charging?

The LED on the supplied charger should turn red, and the LED’s either side of the charge plug on the FT250 should be lit. Once charging is complete the LED on the mains charger will turn green.

Q. What is the safe turn-on mode of the FlashTorch 250W?

This is a mode where the torch requires 5 quick presses of the small button after switching the FlashTorch 250W on using the tail-cap button. This is similar in operation to turning on an E-Cig and will prevent accidental activation of the FlashTorch 250W (child safe operation).

Q. How do you activate the safe turn-on mode of the FlashTorch 250W?

Just press and hold the small button on the FlashTorch 250W while turning on the torch using the tail-cap button on the base of the torch. The small button must be held for at least 3 seconds to toggle between the normal instant on operation and the safe turn-on mode (5 quick press operation). The safe mode will be remembered until you toggle the mode off again using the same sequence as described above (button+tailcap for 3sec). When the FlashTorch 250W is turned on while safe turn-on operation is enabled, the small button on the FlashTorch 250W will flash quickly to indicate that you must quickly press the button 5 times, and if this is not done within 3 seconds then the torch will be locked out until power is cycled again using the tail-cap button.

Q. What is the beam angle of the FlashTorch?

The FlashTorch is more of a Floodlight. The main part of the beam (the part focused to a 10mm spot) diverges after the spot at around +/- 35 degrees. There is also a much fainter halo caused by the direct light from the lamp (the bit that doesn’t hit the reflector), this diverges at around +/-52 degrees. The novelty in the FlashTorch is that before diverging, the light is converged to around a 10mm spot, 30mm or from the end of the torch reflector. Here, the energy density is incredibly high and able to melt lead, set fire to wood chippings, paper, etc…

Q. Where can I buy a replacement FlashTorch charger?

A replacement can be purchased from Amazon or local electronics shop.


Check for one with the following specifications:

Input Voltage: 110 V AC, 220 V AC
Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Output Voltage: 19 V DC
Maximum Output Power: 65 W
Maximum Output Current: 3.42 A
Connector Size: 5.5 * 2.5 mm

If you have a laptop AC adapter, check if it may have the same specifications.

Q. What is the color temperature for the FlashTorch?

The FlashTorch uses a halogen bulb, the color temperature is in the 3200K range.

Q. Why is the FlashTorch expensive?

Aside from using high quality materials, the custom battery pack is expensive to manufacture as it uses branded Sony/LG/Panasonic/Samsung Li-Ion cells.

Q. How long does the FlashTorch battery last?

The battery pack lasts approximately 20 minutes on maximum power, 40 minutes on medium, 80 minutes on low power.

Q. Can the FlashTorch really fry an Egg?

Yes, here’s a video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsIHyRyETKg

Q. Where can you get replacement FlashTorch bulbs?

The bulb used with the FlashTorch is a 100W Osram 64623 HLX bulb and can easily be purchased from amazon sellers or other online retailers.

Q. What is the lumen rating per power level of the FlashTorch?

At maximum power, the FlashTorch generates 4100+ lumens. At 50% medium power it generates around 2050+ lumens. At 30% low power it generates around 1230+ lumens.

Q. How far can the FlashTorch shine?

The effective range of the FlashTorch’s beam is approximately 100 yards out. The FlashTorch was built for power which enables it to light things on fire and to produce an incredible 4100 lumens of intense bright light. It was not designed to illuminate objects over a far distance as it is more of a floodlight.

Q. Adjust the FlashTorch’s beam?

The beam can be adjusted only up to a certain extent by loosening the lamp head. It must not be unscrewed too much or it will come off. The FlashTorch is designed to function more as a floodlight and was built for power in mind.

Q. What is the proper way for charging the FlashTorch battery?

It is very important to make sure that the three position side switch is not blinking red as the FlashTorch is being charged. If the three position side switch is blinking red you need to unplug the charger and click the end cap switch once as the FlashTorch will not charge correctly otherwise. Check to see that under the switch end cap, you have the battery connector firmly seated and connected correctly. Be sure to have charged the FlashTorch for a minimum of 3.5 to 4 hours. Check to make sure that the two red LEDs next to the plug under the rubber cover are lit up while the FlashTorch is charging. The two LEDs, one on each side of the plug will start out red and then turn green. Make sure that you charged the FlashTorch long enough to have the two LEDs change from red to green.